Add person's fields to students

Hola =)

In the school that I am trying to customize Gibbon some children are working and such data is relevant. There are fields for employer, profession and jobTitle in gibbonPerson and I wonder if there is anyway to make them visible and usable in students forms and details.

Thanks in advance and cheers!

Hi Felipe,

The employer, profession and job title fields are visible in the Family section of the student profile, listed under each adult in their family. They can be edited in User Admin > Manage Users, as well as submitted through the Data Updater and Application Form. Hope this helps!

Yeah, that is good.
The thing is that some of our students also work for supporting their families.
By the moment I enabled such fields in the Student module (student_view_details.php) and User Admin module (user_manage_edit.php)… plus a salary field. Maybe I do it later it the application form too.
What do you think of my solution?

Hi Felipe,

These could perhaps be managed as custom fields if you needed to track them for student’s as well. They’d show up on the Student Profile and User Admin by default, and there’s an option when setting up custom fields to enable them for the application form and data updater.