Add Multiple Columns (Markbook)

Hello there,

Regarding this option to add multiple columns on Markbooks, which is an extremely handy feature, I wonder if its possible to edit multiple Course/Class markbook columns. Can Gibbon accomplish this?


I don’t think so. What exactly do you want to do?

I don't think so. What exactly do you want to do?

The thing is that it really has more to do with Weights than columns. I see there’s an option to copy one class’s weights, but not onto multiple classes…

Editing multiple things at a time, whether its markbook columns or weights, can add a boatload of complexity because there may be instances where you need to merge in the changes (because they’ve diverged from the original). I suspect this is why there’s an Add Multiple but no Edit Multiple.

The Copy Weightings tool is one-to-one for a similar reason, it gets tricky to check all the permissions for one user to access and copy things from or to multiple markbooks at a time. If you’re inclined to look into the code for that one and make some edits, we’d be happy to review the changes. For now, at least the weightings are setup per-course and tend not to change too much throughout the year.

Hello Sandra,

Thank you for your response. I understand, it makes sense :slight_smile: thankfully there is the “Attainment Weighting” that will do the job for this initial setup, as we need to calculate the term’s final grade using weighted averages. If we had more time I’d setup the weights as they should be within the Class. But for now I’ll have to work with the Columns directly.

Thanks again.