Add granularity to View Departments permission

I hope you are fine

Currently, the View Departments permission enables access to all the courses and classes under all departments.
This might work well in certain environments, and I wish all environments were like this, but unfortunately, they are not.
For this, it would be really useful to have some sort of _my _all permissions, like there are for many other functionalities of the system.

So it would be very useful to be able to restrict this access to the logged user’s scope.
For example, if a teacher logs in, she should be able to see everything from her courses, classes, etc. but not information from the courses or classes of other teachers or departments.
Unless the teacher is a coordinator in which case she should be able to see everything from her department or departments in case she is in more than one.

The finer the granularity the better (Class better than Course better than Department), but I understand it could also be more complex to implement. So, any additional level of granularity starting at Department will be very welcome.

Thank you very much!
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Hi Ricardo,

The Departments module is intended to be a directory where staff, students and parents can lookup information about the courses taught in the school. Not all users will see the full participant list for a class, you can restrict this by restricting who has Student Profile_full vs _basic access. However, the intention of this area is for people to lookup information. In almost any case, except for department coordinators, the information is view only. Can you help clarify your use case where you wouldn’t want this information to be visible?

Hello Sandra,

My use case is as follows:
Each Teacher should be able to see their own classes and students’ full information.
They shouldn’t be able to see other teachers’ classes and students.

I understand that maybe this is not very well aligned with the philosophy Gibbon was originally created.
In this particular situation, this is a policy that comes down from the Directive Board. (I guess it is due to how they manage the institution, and probably there might have been some situation that led to problems in the past, and that is why they would prefer to have this separation in the access to information)

The student profile_basic really restricts what you can see to almost nothing, but for their own classes the Teachers should see the complete information on their students, so I think it is not going to solve this particular situation.

From what you said, I think that what I need might not be possible to achieve at present.
If you agree, please let me know, so I can start thinking about how to handle this particular issue in a different way.

Thank you!