Add file upload button to Edit Invoice page.

I have an urgent feature request.
On the Home > Finance > Manage Invoices > Edit Invoice page I would like to include the option to attach screenshots, images (for bank slips, receipts, etc) as proof of payment.
Can this make it into v24?

@rossdotparker @ross

Hi Tieku, we’ve wrapped up development for v24 and are into testing before, in a few short days, we will release it. Generally, the string freeze and code freeze are one month before the release, where we don’t add any new features and focus on stability and testing.

I think invoices in Finance are a candidate for applying the new custom fields to, which would let the school add uploadable files among other fields. I’d be happy to prioritize this for early in the v25 development cycle, which will begin around August, after a much needed summer break.

Sandra this means I could see code for this as early as August? Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Tieku, the development cycle will begin around that time, along with a brand new school year. We’ve added it to the list for v25, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the first thing developed, however we can certainly aim to add it in early during development. As always though, our capacity is pretty limited, so if there are bugs or issues that arise from v24 they will be prioritized over new features.