Add families to the fast finder?

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I think the title is self-explanatory.

What do you think?

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I’d be curious to hear what @admin says, I recall this has been requested in the past too, yet it may not be as simple as it initially sounds.

Family names aren’t often unique, for example if I search for “Chan” there may be quite a few results, so we would need to append additional information to the fast finder search (such as parent names, student names) to help disambiguate which is which. Things could get cluttered pretty quick. It would increase the volume of the search results, instead of 20 “Chan” results there’s now almost 40, some of them students, some of them families.

One way to search for Families is to search by the student name. It takes an additional click go get to the Family sub-page, but with the student grade and name in the search results you’re almost certainly clicking through to the right family.

Hi Sandra,

Right, I didn’t really think of that.

That issue isn’t common in our school tho. I think, it’s more of a Chinese thing :slight_smile:

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