Add Custom Field to Student Application Form

My question is can I add multiple custom field to the student application form. The reason why I ask is simple, at our school you can apply for the first years but also for a second year as we have student from other schools that can go to a specific course. I want to add a field to the student application for to accommodate these students. Is there a way???



Hi Juan. Yes, you can add as many custom fields as you need using the System Admin > Custom Fields tool.

Hi Sandra, Thank you for the info. May be you can tell where as I do not see in the custom fields a section that relates to Student application form.

Hi Juan, every custom field with the User context will have a “Include In Application Form?” option near the bottom, to determine if it is added to the application form. You can use the built-in headings and custom headings to control where on the application form it shows up.

Hi Sandra,
Quick question: I added a custom field on the student application form but in the header appears the letter H4 and not a name. Any idea on how to fix this. Take a look at the attachment

Hi juank, this was a bug we found and fixed recently in v24, you can apply the same small change to your code from the following commit to fix it in your system: