Add credit at footer

Hi. First of all, tq for create such a good system.

I want to add school credit at the end of the footer. I already make some change in index.twig.html file . But it didn’t appear on the site. Have i edit wrong file?

Twig templates are cached. You can try two things:

  1. Delete folder “cache” in uploads

  2. Go to Admin> System Admin> System check> System Data: Clear Cache


Hi @syazwan thanks for your kind words about Gibbon, and welcome to the community. We are happy for you add to the footer, but for legal reasons would ask you not to remove the license and credit information that Gibbon comes with. This is important information for us to maintain within the system. Thanks, Ross.

Thanks @meierrom . Its solve now. To @admin , yes sir. I just want to add information about our school. Gonna dive deeper and learn more about this system. Its wonderful. Thank you for the help.