Add a missing Home Primary Language

Hello Members,

sorry for having my post in a different thread(that I thought was related)

I have tried adding a language (Primary language) in the student application form and I cant trace the editable field. There are so may languages worldwide and so currently wanted to add “Somali” as a home primary language field as its mandatory field. approach

Thank You.

é=All languages are found in table gibbonLanguage. Just add the missing ones. :wink:

Thanks that one worked, I hope this will not affect anything during update.

Let’s knock wood. Anyway, it shouldn’t. :wink:

Hi, Tess! The fix that was suggested should work, but we have also made an update to version 22 that will automatically add Somali as an available language, without causing errors or duplicates if you have already added it manually. You can view the commit at the following link.
Hope this helps!

…This is an awesome community and thank you all for this help.


Sorry for raising an old thread. I have several languages that I would like to add to the “Home language” form fields. Is adding them to the DB table the only option? If I add them that was, will they not be removed by the next update?

Hi achief, you can add them to the languages table in the database and they won’t be overwritten with future updates. However, if these are languages missing from the list in general, feel free to share a list of them and we can add them to the next version, so all schools have access to them. Thanks!

Thanks @ross.