Adapting Gibbon for Use in a Music School

Hi! I emailed with Ross back in April about possibly adapting Gibbon for use in our state-wide music school in Delaware. It looks like the project is going to go forward, so I wanted to start talking with the Gibbon community about how best to approach this work. We currently use a registration system I wrote about 18 years ago in Microsoft Access, which has worked well for the school administration, but doesn’t provide a way for teachers and students to participate in the system.

The biggest change that I would be working on is adding the ability to have a timetable where there isn’t a regular “school day” schedule with periods, but rather a mish-mash of room bookings for once-a-week classes (more in the evening than during the day) as well as periods of time during which a music teacher schedules in private lessons of varying lengths, usually once a week as well. Gibbon appears to give a great framework overall for the needs of our registration system, and I’m hoping that I could provide complementary upgrades to make it of use to schools that don’t use standard periods in their scheduling.

Any suggestions on who I can work with to make sure I’m doing the right things would be helpful. I have basic familiarity with Github, and have played with a test installation of Gibbon on my laptop to familiarize myself with it. A critical need is responsive design, which I see Gibbon is working toward in v17. I’m still working on a timeline with the school, but I may need to start some work before the December release of v17.


Hi Jon, welcome to the Gibbon community :smiley:

I’d be happy to work with you and discuss any changes you’re aiming to implement, as the (newly minted) Gibbon Maintainer. We have a Slack channel for developers, if you send your email address to we’ll send an invite.

One approach to tackling the timetable issue might be to use the built-in Google calendar integration. It’d only work if you’re able to use the Google login option, however if you do then the timetable can overlay any calendar events from both a school-wide calendar (for regular classes) and a teacher’s personal calendar (for private lessons). Google’s calendar has decent tools for setting up ad-hoc and recurring events of all sorts, so this option may be worth considering, and may get you up and running with less initial development time.

Hola, he venido trabajando en el montaje de Gibbon para una escuela de musica que tenemos para niñas con alta riesgo en el municipio de CHia, Cundinamarca, Colombia,

No ha sido facil para mi que no tengo idea de sistemas y a veces he querido dejar todo, sin embargo he trabajado en DIseño de Sistemas para Bases de Datos.

Sin embargo, en el dia de hoy encuentro que la Admon de Gibbon ha dado solución a muchos de los problemas que tenía originalmente,
El tema de la Gestion del Horario fue en principio un dolor de cabeza, pero hoy encontre que el sistema a flexibilizado y se pueden generar diferentes horarios en el mismo dia
ej. Yo tenia chello los dias miercoles de 3 pm a 4.15, y las demas clases de instrumentos empezaban a las 2.30pm y terminan a las 4.14.

Me interesa mucho poder contactar contigo para intercambiar ideas acerca de gibon, aspirando a poner un granito de arena en esta gran Plataforma.