actualizacion de base de datos

Al actulizar la base de datos para V18 sale una serie de inconsistencias como lo puedo solucionar

What version are you updating from?
Seems like something older than v17, right?

It is being updated from v17.0.0:

We had to roll back to v17.0.0, haven’t been able to update to the latest version due to the aforementioned errors the OP posted.

Is there a way to check the version on the DB?

Found it:

select name,value from gibbonSetting where name=“version”;
| name | value |
| version | 17.0.00 |

I still doubt you’re having a proper v17 db. Your update to v18 should go through nicely if you had.

To me it looks like you have issues in your v17 db due to a failed update from an earlier version.

What was the version you were using before v17?

@meierrom Thank you!

I have no idea before this installation as I got the DB file and the Gibbon files from another person, I just installed them on a new server for Santa Maria Foundation, but I am not really aware of anything before this current state.

Is there a way to check if the DB is from another version or to update it to the current one or to v17? Or what would be your suggestion in this case?

Can’t @beafranco_co tell you anything about the past? With what version did the school start with?

Anyway, I would probably try an update from Gibbon v16.

SI se vuelve a la v16 no se pierden todos los datos ingresados este año en la v17?.. podria ser otra cosa???

Are you saying that you used v16 before? That may confirm that the upgrade from v16 to v17 has failed at least in part.

It’s not about returning to v16 or an earlier version. It’s rather about finding a way to upgrade properly and without issues to v17, which will then enable you to upgrade trouble free to v18.

With what version of Gibbon did you actually start with?

Thank you again, @meierrom!

I’ll try to investigate a little further and come back with more information.

Mil gracias maierron por tu observacion de continuar con este foro.
La verdad estoy un poco confundida, he cambiado de administrador de sistema por cuanto pase a un host diferente.

Quisiera saber como podemos continuar con el tema porque no hemos podido solucionar la situación.

He venido trabjando con gibbon desde la version13 y esta es la primera vez que tenemos este problema.

Como hago para volver a la version 16 de la base de datos para poder corregir el error en la actualizacion al V17 y llegar a la version 18? Podrias guiarnos por favor.

Los datos como tal estan ok en el sistema

mil gracias

There’s no reason to be confused just yet since we don’t know if this is a serious issue. According to you the data is ok, which is a good sign. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I somehow doubt you didn’t have issues with updates before. Otherwise you wouldn’t have this problem I guess.

There’s the need for somebody to have a closer look and see what happened more in detail, e.g. attempting to do an update of your database with Gibbon v16. Did you try that?

To assist with this issue remotely without actually having the data is somehow difficult. To do further analysis the person assisting may need a snapshot of your database.

@admin, what do you think?

Bueno mil gracias por tu apoyo, estamos buscando la manera de solucionar el problema pero hasta ahora no ha sido posible, pero seguiremos intentando

una pregunta suelta.

Es posible, cargar el sistema 17 independientemente de las versiones anteriores como si hasta ahora fueramos a iniciar gibbon y cargar luego los datos que tenemos en backup?

In your case I would suggest to suspend using Gibbon v18 until you have found a fix for your update issues.

Just keep using your old Gibbon v17 with a restored database from the backup just before you attempted to update to v18.

This should work just fine for you for now since it was working fine until you attempted to update to v18, right?

Can you do this or is there another issue that I’m missing?