Activity module: Choices allocation

We are exploring the activities module and have created 8-10 activities, each having a max participant count. In the student view, while they are registering for an activity, it as them their second choice in case their first choice is full.

  1. Is my understanding correct that the systems allows registration to all student and the allocation of seats has to be done manually. It is not auto (in the sense that when the activity reaches max student, it automatically assigns students to their second choice)
  2. I am unable to see the student’s second choice. Even it is manual process, how do I check their second choice to allocate them?


Commenting to see if I can get any help on this?

Hi @mohitpatel

Correct, the backup choice is not automatic. If you set the Max Students for an activity type, then that activity will fill up and not be available for enrollment once the max is reached.

If you set Waiting List, then the students can register but will be marked with a Waiting List status, and if another student un-registers, the top of the waiting list will be moved up to Registered automatically.

If you choose Backup Choice, this can be used with or without a Max Students and/or Waiting List. The backup choice is useful in cases where registrations are being made or adjusted manually. It does, strangely, seem like this data isn’t easily visible in the interface. Do you have query builder? It’s part of the “Activity Choices in Selected Year” query.