Activities Cost only allow up to 4 digits

Im using Gibbon Version 11 and for some reason the Activities Cost block only allowing up to 4 digits. I can use Highest 9999 but cant put 10000 in the cost field. Am i the only one who is facing it or it is fixed up to 4 digits.//

Topon, you are right, it is limited in this way. We should be able to squeeze in a fix for this before v12 goes out, if you can let us know how many digits you need. Is 5 enough?


Thanks admin
I think 5 shroud be enough


This one is a little complex. The field for the database is decimal(8,2), which means up to 999,999.99 for the cost of an activity. However, the HTML field is limited to 7 characters, which does not make a lot of sense, and I can’t explain in retrospect. For v12, I have used a cominbation of HTML and JS to enforce the limits that the database puts in place, so you now have up to 6 digits to the left of the decimal place and 2 to the right. This solution meant we did not have to change the database, which is preferable, right before a release.



PS, if you want to see the changes, they are in the following commit: