Activities and facilities

What is the difference between ‘Selective’ and ‘Competitive’ enrollment process type for activities? Enrollment process type is an option in the activity type form.

Also, is it possible to group facilities? I have classrooms on different campuses and it would be helpful to put the classrooms under the same campus name.


Hi pacom, Competitive enrollment is like a first-come-first-serve, where students who register sooner will automatically get on the list, and those who aren’t fast enough are on a waiting list. Selective will allow any student to register, however their status is set to Pending, and the activity leader is the one who can select which students from the list will be part of the activity.

There isn’t necessarily a way to group facilities, but my suggestion would be to use a short two-to-four character prefix for each campus before the facility name. This way, all the facilities for one campus will be alphabetically sorted together. Hope this helps!

Thank you Sandra!