Active Sessions show Anonymous

Why does Home > System Admin > Active Sessions show Anonymous and not display usernames apart from myself?

tiekubd, I have also been getting that, and still am not sure exactly why. We use a hosted server, and I think the automatic checks they do for version check for the database and apache server, PHP version, etc. cause it. I have also wondered if users who don’t log out and let the session expire create some of them. I was worried about hackers having been the source of some of them, but have not been able to see a relationship in the web server logs to the times reported by Gibbon. I have also wondered about caches not being automatically cleared by the web server, but unable to confirm or deny that is the cause. Attached is a screen shot from one of our installations.

Hi Tieku and Glenn,

Sessions are created when a user visits Gibbon, even before logging in, because there are school year and localization settings that are loaded and cached. The anonymous sessions you’re seeing are either users who haven’t logged in yet, or have logged out, in which case their identifying data was cleared. Shouldn’t be anything to be concerned about. Hope this helps!

That’s a relief! THANKS!!!

This means only people actively logged in show up in Active Sessions.

And the best way to view the most recent log-ins is under View Logs?

Is there an existing query to pull up all users and see (sort by) the last (successful) login date?

Hi Tieku,

It looks like there are some similar queries in the list that might be what you’re looking for:

If not, we could add a new query to the list to help out with this.