Absolute beginner

I request your support to understand the steps to creating a simple Activity. I have created a school demo, a demo teacher, a student demo, demo resource, but I do not know how :

  1. How to assign a student to a class or a working group
  2. What are the prerequisites to create a task
  3. student allocation is made after completion of the work?
    I am confused because I work with Moodle and here there is another logic and do not know the steps I need advice,
    With many thanks and a good day
    (This text is translated by Google Translator, sorry for grammatical mistakes)


Some answers below!

  1. Classes can be set up under Admin > Timetable Admin in the main menu and then Manage Courses and Classes in the module menu. Courses are collections of classes (e.g. Year 10 Science aka SC10 has 3 classes at my school, SC10.1, SC10.2, SC10.3). Once your courses and classes are set up, you can go to Course Enrolment by Person in the module menu, and add classes to a student or teacher.

  2. Please can you let me know what a task is? Do you mean work that student submits to the teacher? If so, you need to use the Planner (under Learn in the main menu) to create a lesson plan for a class. Homework with submitted work can be set up for students to submit homework to.

  3. I don’t understand this questions. Please tell me more.



Work finne, thanks Ross, great project, I understand finnaly, I was confused. in the Planner for this period , the school appear CLOSED,!!!
I investigated po file translation and we learned a lot about what awaits me at the end of the road. Your work is huge.
I want to know more about Activities, what is thought and the Learning Area.
The next question will be highly specific but I’m ecstatic and enthusiastic study results. I started working on the translation.

Dear Ross
To be more specific,I am interested in developing Free Learning Activities , http://rossparker.org/free-learning/
would be a good reason to open the Gibbon forum, if possible, a discussion group for those interested in developing learning activities available.
thank you


Are you in a school year, and does your school have terms? These can be controlled under Admin > School Admin in the main menu and then Manage School Years and Manage Terms? The school will appear closed unless you are within the start and end dates of a school year, and within the start and end dates of a term.

In terms of developing Free Learning activities, why not start a new post in the Teachers section, and see what response you get. I can certainly help as far as teaching computing goes.



Hey Ross,

I have been trying to upload some of the extension features that I need for my teaching platform but it seems like I am not having any luck on uploading since I am new to this platform.
Andy Lai


I have answer this question on your other post at: https://ask.gibbonedu.org/discussion/516/adding-extensions-into-the-gibbon-site