About "Report Modules"

Dear Gibbon Group,is Kevin again,is about “Report Modules”,
when i finished the Report i setup,like image 1

[screenshot removed for privacy reasons]

i thought it will going to the student profile “Reports”,like image 2

[screenshot removed for privacy reasons]

maybe i think the wrong way,or that “report” is come from diffient part?

when i click the report it show image 3

[screenshot removed for privacy reasons]

my question is , when i finished the report ,is it possible connect to student profile?

Hi Kevin, before reports become usable they need to be exported to PDF, which you can do under Generate Reports. Once generated to an archive, and given the right permissions for that archive, then the reports will appear in the student profile.

BTW, it looks like you’ve got some private user data in your screenshots, and so you might want to remove them.



Thank Rose, but i can’t delete my screenshots, i can’t edit my post,
can you help me delete it, and i need asking about Generate reports later.

No problem Kevin, I’ve done it for you. In terms of generation, I think that you will find this documentation useful: https://docs.gibbonedu.org/administrators/reports/publishing. Let us know if you need further help! Ross.