About "Report - Courses by Cycle"

Hello @admin and @ross and Gibbon group, is a new school year start,hope everything is ok.
here is my probram, when i use Report function, the first pdf is great,
look like image 1, my total cycle is 3 ,and i thought the new report the
score can show the cycle 1 and cycle 2’s data, after i test the report,
it only show the cycle 2’s data,which part i lost? please help me.
thanks a lot


because i edit the template and create the pdf,maybe is the probram,
i go back to use the original one ,but still looks the same.

Hi Kevin, this is odd and certainly not the expected behaviour. I’ll do some investigation to see if I can replicate the issue you’re seeing and get back to you in the coming days.

Hello @ross ,thank you for helping,
i am not sure my thinking is right or not,in my design,this report is going to grade 1 to grade 6,
or grade 7 to grade 9 (for taiwan’s school),one cycle is one scholl year,we wanna see the student’s growing.
if you need any information.please tell me,thank you again.

Oh! I see, it sounds like what you’re looking for is closer to a transcript than a report card. The “Report - Courses by Cycle” will only show cycles within the same year, for schools with multiple reporting cycles per year. There currently isn’t a built-in template for multiple cycles across school years, and this would take some development work. There is Internal Assessment templates though, and these span multiple years. Our school uses those like a transcript to report a final grade for each course across a student’s time at the school.