Ability to separate student attributes and outcomes

The latest studies in educational assessment and grading firmly prove that students need to get credit only on their academic iutc8ne and that their attributes, thrue behavior reporting need to he separated from reporting academic outcomes. This means that it might have an implication on how The markbook might function.

Hi Ammar,

There is certainly a lot of research out there on best practices and changing ideas in education. Luckily, Gibbon is designed to be flexible, in that your school can choose to use or not use the aspects that align with its assessment and behaviour practices. Right now, the Markbook doesn’t connect to the Behavhoir module, however, it does allow the tracking of Effort which could be seen as a behaviour-related attribute. In these cases, you’re able to enable and disable settings in School Admin to help customize what works best for your school. An alternative to using the Markbook would also be to use the Internal/External Assessment options, as well as the Planner, which function differently than the Markbook, and could be used for a more outcomes-based curriculum.