A student enroll in 2 form group in one term

Hi Sandra,
As in subject, I have student in term 2022/2023, at 1st semester registered in grade 6, and at 2nd semester registered in grade 7. How to make it possible in Gibbons?
thank you for your help


for example, school has acceleration program so a student can finish 2 grade in one term year.

Hi Imam,

This is an interesting situation. As you’ve noted, Gibbon can only have one student enrolment per student per school year. However, you can edit the enrolment once its been created. So, once the student completes Grade 6, you could edit their enrolment and change them to Grade 7. As long as you make sure to set any classes as “Mark as left” when moving the student to the new grade, they will retain all their marks and other information from Grade 6. Hope this helps!