a scroll bar in "age and gender summary" page please

Hi Ross,

Can you please check at the age and gender summary page, it does not have the scroll bar to view the next page. Here i attached the screen shot for your reference, as you can see, we can only view the summary page to grade 10, while the grade 11 and 12 are hiding as it does not fit in the page. If you can add a scroll bar to right and left view that would be great. Thanks!

@skuipers I know you are a pro with the horizontal scrolling…any chance you could take a look at this one? Thanks : ) Ross

Sure, an simple fix would be to add overflow-x: scroll` to the #content-wide div in the theme main.css file. It would catch this and any other overflowing charts.

When I get through the triage for my current to-do list I hope to add the fancier double-scroll and pinned first-column code to the general theme js/css files so we can use it more universally :slight_smile:

Thank you!

@skuipers Thanks! That worked perfectly! Looking forward to that fancy-schmancy code, though :smile:

@skuipers you are a star amongst us mere mortals. Thanks : )