A database connection could not be established

Hi All
I am trying to upgrade from version 17 to version 19 of Gibbon and have followed the simple steps as posted by Ross but I get stuck at this stage.
I login to Gibbon as admin then admin / system admin / update
I then copy the new files to /var/www and refresh page
everthing ticked okay so click next and enter my database info (localhost)
but then i get this message

Start of message
A database connection could not be established. Please try again.
End of message

Any help with fault finding this greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Hi guys, still not fixed but further info,
I can login to the database / user from a Debian command line using the Gibbon database username and password so I feel that the info that I am entering is okay

  1. Localhost
  2. gibbondb

thanks in anticipation

Hi Graham,

Something is amiss, as the upgrade process should not require you to run the installer again. I suspect that when you are copying the Gibbon files over, your Gibbon config.php is being overwritten. Perhaps you can restore this file from a backup?



Hi Ross and thanks for your reply.

So based on current folder location of /var/www/student, steps are:

  1. Backup student folder and everything in it
  2. Copy core-19.0.00 folder to /var/www/
  3. Rename core-19.0.00 folder to ‘student’ and set appropriate ownership and permissions
  4. Move original config.php file from backup to new ‘Student’ folder
  5. Refresh update page and follow prompts?

Does that sound correct?

Thanks again

Hi Graham,

That sounds right. Because the new download does not have config.php, there are ways to do the copy that leaves the original in place. But this depends on OS and copying software. You’ll see, in Gibbon, under the Upgrade instructions there is a warning about this (albeit, it is easy to miss!):



Hi Graham,

Also, after updating be sure to copy the uploads folder from your original version into the new /var/www/student folder, as this folder needs preserved for any of your uploaded files to still work.

Yup All done thanks very much again for your help and support. Yes I copied the uploads folder contents as well and the school logo jpeg from the student folder so all sorted.