A database connection could not be established. Please try again.

Installation - Step 2
Database Information

Database Type *
This value cannot be changed.

Database Server *
Localhost, IP address or domain.

{{{{{ geting error and what Database Server i need to mention when i am using in local xampp server }}}}}}}}
getting the error like this
{{{{{{{{{{{{{Installation - Step 3
A database connection could not be established. Please try again.}}}}}}}}}}

Database Name *
This database will be created if it does not already exist. Collation should be utf8_general_ci.

Database Username*nts

Database Password ******
Install Demo Data? * no

  • denotes a required field


As you are using xampp, your (mysql) database server address will be localhost, and the username will be root. There is no default password, so you will need to set a password, as Gibbon does not (from memory) accept blank passwords at this stage, and using a blank password is very poor security, even if it is just on a local machine for testing.

You might want to look here to see how to change the mysql root password:


Good luck!


hi Nagrohith

did you create Database user and assign password on mysql ? if not  first create user on mysql as Localhost, and give full permission to that user. 
if you have install database server other that localhost then check the firewall rules perhaps blocking the port that require to establish connection. 
thanks. Good Luck, 


“Database connection could not be established. Please try again.”
How to resolve this error?

Hi KPS, there are different possible solutions here, for different circumstances. Are you able to use a MySQL client (either command line or graphical) to connect to your MySQL server? Ross.

Hey Ross, could you tell me what input shpuld I give in Database Password in Installation- Step 2

Hi KPS, It depends on what server stack you are using. On Linux, for example, you are generally invited to set a password, whereas MAMP on macOS uses “root” as the default password (as it is only designed for local testing). What are you using? Ross.

I am using XAMPP on WINDOWS 10.

In which case, try the following Google query, and you should find the relevant information:


Let us know how you get on.