a bug on invoices_manage_add.php in line 91

Hello team!

I’m using:

and I found this;

in; http://gibbon.test/index.php?q=%2Fmodules%2FFinance%2Finvoices_manage_add.php&gibbonSchoolYearID=025&status=Pending&gibbonFinanceInvoiceeID=&monthOfIssue=&gibbonFinanceBillingScheduleID=&gibbonFinanceFeeCategoryID=

I think it has to do with the singe or double quotation marks.

when I do this, It’s fixed.

I also removed the last comma, because you can also see it on the page.

Hi Adbul, thanks for sharing so much detail on this, but I can’t quite see the problem you are having. Can you describe exactly what is wrong, and then we can take a further look. Thanks, Ross.

Hi Adbul,

I took a look at the code for that page and it is working as expected. It looks like the issue is in the translation for the Dutch version of that string, there is accidentally two %1$s tags, instead of a %1$s and %2$s, as you can see below.

I’ve updated our translation, but this wont be merged into Gibbon until the next release in June. Until then, if you go into System Admin > String Replacement, you can add a replacement for the following:

Ga naar %1$sBeheer de ontvangers van facturen%1$s om automatisch ontbrekende leerlingen toe te voegen.

Ga naar %1$sBeheer de ontvangers van facturen%2$s om automatisch ontbrekende leerlingen toe te voegen.

Mode: Whole.

This should correct your issue.