403 error - gibbon in subfolder next to drupal 8 install

Hello all,

I’ve got a drupal 8 installation on our server. For our school we would like to use gibbon in addition, so I added a directory, named gibbon and uploaded the files into it. When I browse to http://www.promusicatielt.be/gibbon/ , I get a 403-error.

I’ve tried it before on my personal website, which runs drupal 7, also gibbon installed in a dir on the server. There it works flawlessly.

I tested the rights by creating a index.html file within the gibbon dir, before gibbon was uploaded and that did work.

I checked the dir-structure, naming, file naming and compared it to drupal, then looked into the .htaccess file and my guess is that the url gets redirected to drupal /core dir, which probably is setup to deny access indeed. The security levels of drupal must have been raised :-).

Any clues on how to solve this? I don’t really have the .htaccess knowledge required to figure it out.



That’s an interesting one! One way to test it out would be to rename http://www.promusicatielt.be/gibbon/.htaccess to just htaccess, to render it ineffective. Then see if Gibbon works. If it does, then you know the issue is in the .htaccess file, and you could start commenting lines out one at a time, to see where the culprit is.

Hope this helps.



thank you for the idea. The gibbon directory did not contain any .htaccess file though. As a test I renamed the .htaccess in the root folder:
and I had immediate success.

I’ll perform the installation, then re-enable the .htaccess file and then see if it still works.


Expanding the test :slight_smile:
Apparently I did not upload the .htaccess file of Gibben, since I didn’t turn on ‘show hidden files’ when copying the files but I now did, and with the .htaccess file of Drupal8 enabled, I still get the 403 error.

In other words: something for a bug-report?


Hi Bart,

It’s not necessarily a bug but a server configuration. The .htaccess in your root directory will generally affect the Gibbon folder, even if there’s an .htaccess in the subfolder as well. Drupal needs the root .htaccess in order to work so removing it won’t be an option. The file will likely need updated in order to ignore the gibbon folder, allowing it to exist outside of Drupal’s setup.

I’ve found a page here that explains the steps for ignoring a subfolder in Drupal: https://www.drupal.org/node/30334

Based on that post, the snippet you’d need to add to the root .htaccess file (not the one in the Gibbon folder) should look something like this (also backup your .htaccess file before making changes.):

`=========[ start of .htaccess snippet]==========

  RewriteEngine on
  # stuff to let through (ignore)
  RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} "/gibbon/"
  RewriteRule (.*) $1 [L]
====================[ end ]=====================`

If that doesn't work there's some more instructions & info in the above Drupal link.


thanks for the info, a copy paste into the .htaccess file already did the work :smile: , thank you so much!

I did perform the install after temporarily disabling the .htaccess file, then re-enabled it.

I first thought gibbon would work, that the rewrite rules only applied for the installation folder, but bummer…
Then I added your snippet of code and tada! there was gibbon :-).

Now we can start and test for use next school year.