Year Group Name

Is there any way to add the number of character on the Year Group setttings? It is only have 10 characters

Please check the screen shot attached as I am not able to create my Kindergarten…it stop at “Kindergart”

Is there any way to fix this? Thank you…

Hi Ayu,

No problem, please check out the v17 dev commit below:

If you want to run this on v16, just run the new line at the end of CHANGEDB.php, and then make the two changes to the Manage Year Group files.



Is this possible to run in v15? thanks

Hmmm, good question. It depends on whether that form had been refactored. If the form is still written in HTML, you can run the DB command, and then simply recode the field lengths in the HTML. Take a look, and post the relevant code here if you want me to check.