Wrong links

I’m not sure if this should be here, but since it may be because I did something wrong during the installation, I’ll post it here to see if anyone might help me.

So, I installed Gibbon using XAMPP on my laptop to try it and suggest it as a management tool for my school. I managed to install it, but every link in it is going to the XAMPP dashboard. It is as if every link is missing the information to go to the folder where Gibbon is located.

For example, the “School admin” in the “Admin” menu goes to: http://localhost/index.php?q=%2Fmodules%2FSchool+Admin%2FschoolYear_manage.php

but, it should go to:

Hi Matheus, that is odd, and perhaps related to XAMPP somehow not detecting the path correctly. It is possible to fix this without needing to reinstall. There are two settings for this which are stored in the gibbonSetting table: absolutePath and absoluteURL. If you use a database tool or command line, you should be able to update the values for these to add the correct path, then be sure to clear your browser cookies to clear the session cache, and it should start working.

Thank you, Sandra. It worked!