Lets say I need to create columns to evaluate exams, HW, etc, I go to Assess > Markbook and I select different options in the “Sections” boxes, then I click on Add, and I specify each option, but here is my problem:

If I choose one in the list of red circle the column doesnt appear in the markbook after I click on Submit!!!

I´m realizing columns appear only if I specify a markbook weighting, is this right? I mean, before we enter grades, is it necessry to specify markbook weightings?, if this is true that means I cant see the same list again, look:

So, can you clarify my mind please ???

If there are no weightings setup for a course it defaults to the options setup on School Admin > Markbook Settings, from the comma-separated list of Markbook Types. This lets a course opt out of the weightings system, since it may often be applicable to some courses and not others.

If there are weightings setup for a course, the list of Types available is restricted to those that have been defined in the weightings section, to prevent a teacher from selecting something that isn’t weighted (and unintentionally altering the marks calculation). When setting up a Weighting, you’re choosing from the same comma-separated list of Markbook Types, and configuring them with additional information.

So they’re not really gone, but they’re unavailable for that specific course until a weighting is added. A weighting can also have a value of 0, which can be useful for Markbook Types you’d like to use but also exclude from the cumulative calculations.

Generally weightings for a course would be setup before the course starts, but it won’t break anything to add them to a course that’s in progress. Any columns assigned to an un-weighted Markbook Type will be excluded from the cumulative calculations, and the next time a teacher edits a column they’ll be prompted to select a Type that is part of the available types for that course.

Give a shout if I can help clarify anything else weightings-wise, this part hasn’t made it into the official documentation yet.

Hi Sandra:
I need to copy/apply the same weighting from one section/class to the rest of them, is it possible to apply the same weighting for the rest of sections/classes?, I need to avoid doing this one by one for more than 800 sections/classes :sweat:

Hi Adolfo,

At the bottom of the Manage Weightings page is a Copy Weightings tool that will let you copy all the weightings in one class to another. Note the direction: you select a class to copy from, which copies them into the current class.

Hope this helps!

Yes, I saw it before, if I use this way I have to enter to each of the classes/sections and copy the weightings one by one, doesnt work for a group of classess. Is there a way to copy it for all of the rest of classess?

It is certainly a lot for one person to do by hand. Perhaps the teachers of each class could copy the weightings in for their class at the beginning of the year? (many hands make light work) There currently isn’t a tool for bulk copying weightings across the whole school.