Version 21 problem 1

I encountered some problems after upgrading to version 21. The first one is many of the drop-down text displays on almost all pages only show the top of the text with the bottom hidden by the lower part of the text box.
I made no upgrades or changes to my Linux laptop browser settings or system. The server was displaying properly on version 20 before the upgrade.
Thanks for any advice you can give, and I can send screen shots if that would help. Also, I really like the better look that v21 provides.

Sounds like browser cache may need refreshed. Holding shift and clicking the refresh key will do this on most browsers. There is a string appended to css/js files to help with cache invalidation, which should have updated when you ran the code updates, but clearing the cache in System Admin > Cache Manager couldn’t hurt too.

I fixed this problem by pressing Ctrl+F5

Hi Ghulam, Ctrl+F5 on Windows is the same as the refresh button in the browser, so yes, that ought to do it. Ctrl-Shft-R on Firefox or Chrome is a force reload, and so more powerful and often useful. Replace Ctrl with Cmd on a Mac. Cheers!

Sandra and Ghulam, you were right on target with the solution. Honestly, I’m embarrassed that I didn’t try that before posting, somehow I missed it. Thanks a million for your quick response and knowledgeable solution. I’m going to now check for the other problems. THANKS AGAIN!