v23 Fix for importing users and passwords

Hello community. Since the v23 release, we have discovered that there’s an issue when importing user and password data using the Import From File tool. We’ve released a fix, which you can find here: https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core/commit/6e426942aeca410c043955c737982a8ae3bf2763 We’re going to keep an eye out for any other fixes in the coming weeks, and then we’ll release 23.0.01 as an optional update.

Hi everyone, we’ve now release Gibbon v23.0.01, which can be found on the download page: https://gibbonedu.org/download/ This is not a critical release, however be sure to check the Changelog for any issues that may affect you and update as needed. Thanks!

Thank you team for this wonderful efforts and good work improving Gibbon. We really appreciate for this wonderful piece of software.

Just a quick question: any updates on this https://docs.gibbonedu.org/developers/getting-started/gibbon-road-map/ Roadmap of what is to come [maybe from feature requests or something], I’m a big fan of Gibbon and curious of its projection.

Thank you.

Gracias Sandra por todas las mejoras

Hi Kelvin, good question. I’ve updated the roadmap with the next v25 dates and codename. We don’t have a specific list of features for each version, many of them evolve out of our schools needs and the community’s needs.

Our major development goals are currently the ongoing refacotring of the system, to modernize the PHP codebase as well as improve documentation. We are making good strides in that, and are working towards switching to using a PHP routing library in the coming versions.

The next major thing on the horizon is a new Admissions module. This has evolved out of the desire to create a more flexible application form system, and has become a pretty robust admissions tool for not only designing applications with a drag-and-drop interface, but also giving applicants a better interface to login and view the status of their application as well as submit supplementary data. This will replace the current application system when it comes out. It was initially planned for v23, but we needed more time to continue developing and testing it, so it is planned for v24.

Interesting projection and talking of new flexible admission module I can’t wait for it… editing the application form has been a discussion in the forum for awhile so this will be highly anticipated.

Thank you for the good work as a team…

Hi everyone,

We’ve made another fix to v23, which addresses an issue with personal language settings not persisting when logging in. Rather than releasing a whole new version, since this will only affect a small number of systems, we’ve updated the v23.0.01 release. If you’ve already updated or need access to this fix, you can find it here on GitHub or download a fresh copy of v23.0.01.