v12 Messenger Issue

Messenger not working after upgrade to version 12.


What target were you sending to? And what is the return code in the URL?

A test send from one of my installs just worked, so it is not an issue everywhere.


Sending to staff (bulk mail) and individual parents.

URL: http://www.kyotointernationalschool.org/gibbon/index.php?q=/modules/Messenger/messenger_post.php&addReturn=fail4


That is odd. I think it might just be a problem with the upload, and something in one of the library files have been corrupted. I am reuploading all your files.

I have also added some extra code, which will help us troubleshoot the issue.

Please can you try and send a test email, and see if you get the normal behaviour. If not, check your own email for a message labelled ‘Gibbon Messenger Error’ (might be in spam, might take a few minutes to come through). If you get this message, it will help me narrow down on where the issue is.



“It’s a mailer error”

OK, I have updated your code to email you a more detailed error message. Can you send me the message that you now see?


No error message. Says it is successful but message not actually reaching destination.

OK, another code tweak done, still in the diagnosis phase! Let me know if that email comes through with some kind of error message. Ross.

Same result.

More tweaking…try again now…

Could not instantiate mail function.

Now, that helps! I think this an issue with SMTP on you new server setup (running PHP5.6?) requiring authentication. Can you ask your host to check this setting. What we want is no authentication for email sending on the local machine.

Seems there are many other causes, but let’s see what the hosting people say. According to this source (of the many I checked out), some causes include:

you are on a local server (localhost)
recipient’s email address is invalid
there’s a special character in the subject
there’s a special character in the sender/receiver information
the subject line is too long
the bounce address you specified is not accepted by your server
you already sent too many emails


From host:

That setting would be controlled by the email program/application that you are using to access your email account(s). You need to authenticate before you can relay mail, which means you need to use either SMTP Authentication (if your mail client supports it) or POP before SMTP (where you simply check your mail before sending), see:

The following Knowledgebase article is a guide for setting up SMTP Authentication for some common email programs:

If you don’t see your email application in the list you will need to reference the user documentation of your email program to determine exactly how to enable SMTP authentication.

Can you let them know that it is not a desktop mail client that is trying to send out, but rather a PHP script. I think they might have got the wrong end of the stick.

From host:

Can you please provide more information. Where’s the script, which domain, where’s it sending to, hostname, protocol, as much information as possible.

I see email for kyotointernationalschool.org isn’t handled by us, it’s handled externally by Google. If you’re using that domain, you can’t send email through our servers.

Your reply :
“The script is from a system called Gibbon, and can be found under www/gibbon/modules/Messenger/messenger_postProcess.php. The script, written in PHP uses a common library called PHPMailer. This was working fine on your servers until we recently upgraded PHP version to 5.6.x. Yes, our hosting is with Google, but all we want is unauthenticated localhost SMTP outgoing mail, just as we had before the upgrade.”

See what you get in reply.

Scripts running on our server don’t require authentication in order to send messages and nothing has changed in that area. The problem appears to be that the version of Gibbon you’re using isn’t fully compatible with PHP 5.6. Switching back to an older version of PHP will quickly show if that really is the case. You can find the error log in /big/dom/ xkyoto_is/logs_cgi/

Adam, it is pretty normal for a host to blame the script/app! It may yet turn out to be a Gibbon issue, but I am generally sceptical at this stage.

We are running PHP 5.5.9 in production, but I would imagine plenty of others are running 5.6.x. In testing we are running 7 with no issues, so hard to imagine that there is a compatibility gap in the middle.

In order to test further, I have updated the PHPMailer libraries on your server to the latest (from 5.1 to 5.2.16) to see if that makes any difference. Want to try another test send?


Worked.Thank you so much for this.