Using Gibbon only for Assessment

Thanks to the Gibbon team for their excellent work to help the education community be better. Is it possible to use Gibbon solely as an assessment tool, where the institution uploads its competencies by program and then links them to student assignments and faculty rubrics to generate reports on how many students have achieved the competencies? Although we would use the modules related to assessment, we are not interested in using Gibbon as a learning management system at this time.

Hi @Dignaw, thank you for your kind words and welcome to the Gibbon forum.

Yes, this is possible. Gibbon is quite flexible and much of the functionality and modules that you don’t wish to use can be turned off with a combination of disabling the module through System Admin > Manage Modules, or by disabling access to specific pages you don’t want to use through User Admin > Manage Permissions.

Be sure to check out the assessment capabilities of Gibbon. It’s primary functionality is as a school information system rather than a learning or assessment management system. There are indeed markbook, assessment, rubrics, reports and various other tools, so it’s always good to know what the system can do by testing out Gibbon to see if it fits with your assessment workflows.