Upload documents per student

Is there a feature/option to upload external documents to a specific student to be viewed by student and parent?

Hi Tieku,

The Reports module as of v20 allows uploading PDF documents to a selected archive, which can be configured for parents and students to be able to access these. They’ll become part of the overall reports archive, and you’ll be able to track when they are read by parents. Check out the Upload Reports option.

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And what would be the best option for a teacher to put out a document(s) (such as Scheme of Work for the current Term, or a welcome package) for all parents of his/her students? Is there anything like a class notice/bulletin/announcement board?



Hi Tieku,

Yes, the Messenger module has a Message Wall which is a great place for these and acts like a bulletin board/announcement system. Messages can be targeted by class/roll group/activity/etc. and sent to email and/or the wall at the same time. In School Admin > Messenger Settings you can enable the message wall on the sidebar which helps make it more visible.

Hello Sandra,

This is also similar to my query, can we upload a PDF file report only for selected students? These are the students who started late and not was not assessed this term.

If yes, will the teacher still needs to fill up the indicators/class notes for these students or it is ok not to fill these up since there a PDF report for them.

I have not tried to use the UPLOAD REPORTS feature yet :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi Chellie, yes you can use the Upload Reports tool to upload a couple of existing PDFs for students, just be sure to name the reports with the student’s usernames and zip the folder before using the upload tool.

Thank you Sandra!!! I will try that.

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Hi Sandra,

Just want to know if the Upload Report tool available in version 19. If not, can we manually add PDF file to an individual student?


Hi ChrisC,

The Upload Report tool was added in v20, so it is not available for v19. If you need to attach a document to a student prior to v20, you could perhaps use the Student Notes tool to upload the file and any other relevant information.