Upgrade Steps

Can i get a little guide on how to upgrade my gibbon installation from 8.0 to 8.3 without breaking anything? Urgent help will be appreciated.


Try the following:

  1. Backup whole database and all files. Just in case, but 100% recommended.
  2. Log in to Gibbon and go to Admin > System Admin and then Update in the sidebar menu (it is important to get here before Step 3, otherwise there can be complications).
  3. Download the latest version, unzip it and upload it to your server.
  4. Refresh the Update page from Step 2, and it should offer you the choice to run some database updates.
  5. Run the updates, and you should be done. If it returns green, you are OK. If it returns red, take a screenshot, copy down the URL and let us know.

Are you still testing out Gibbon, or are you using it in production? Do you mind telling me which school you are at. You can email to support@gibbonedu.org to keep private. I only ask as we are interested in uptake.