Updating from 19.0.0 to the latest version

Hello, I have been having problems following the instructions to upgrade our Gibbon installation. I downloaded the latest zip file into the home folder of the server, unzipped it and copied it to the /var/www/html folder. When I tried to update, the files weren’t detected. I have obviously put them in the wrong place. 1) Where do I need to send them? 2) what files should be in the /var/www/html folder so I don’t delete them by mistake when I clean up?

Thank you in advance and happy New Year!

Hi sdbaldwin,

Is /var/www/html the normal root directory for your Gibbon installation? If so, then be sure that you are copying the contents of the unzipped folder, rather than the folder itself. You should see that it is overwriting a majority of the files in the root directory. Be sure you have backed up your database and files as well.

Hope this helps!

Many thanks Sandra, I’d got the directory wrong, it was /var/www/gibbon. I have started another thread with trouble I have managed to create after copying the new files into this directory. I should have waited until the holidays!