Unit planner - Class access

Teachers have been assigned to a specific class, however when you go to planner>Unit Planner>Choose a class shows all classes of the school instead of just showing the classes that the teacher is taking. Becasue there a so many classes in the school, the teacher has to select her own class from the dropdown which is tedious and prone to errors. Is there a way to show only the class that the teacher is taking?

Attaching screenshot for the above question.

@admin please reply for this.

Hi vishalr, apologies for missing this thread! The solution is to switch these teachers to the Unit Planner_learningAreas permission (Admin > User Admin > Manage Permissions) and then make them at least Teacher (Curriculum) in their department (Admin > School Admin > Manage Departments). In this way, they only see the courses in their department(s) in the Unit Planner. Hope this helps! Ross.

@admin Thank you very much.

Dear vishalr,
I think you are viewing it as admin . You can see your desired behaviour by choosing teacher from role switcher from homepage

Dear ghulamabbas92,

Thanks for your reply. But It is not an issue as you describe above. I am facing a problem for Teacher Users. But Once again Thanks @admin as per your suggestion It is resolved.


As per your suggestion problem has solved in Lesson Planner, But same this problem I am facing in Unit Planner.
How to do it same for in Unit Planner?

Hi vishalr, the action mentioned above (Unit Planner_learningAreas) is for the Unit Planner, and so should have changed Unit Planner permissions. If you can share a screenshot of your Planner permissions from Manage Permissions, that would definitely help narrow in on the issue. Thanks!