Two Current Years !

Hi everyone !

I was using the “Data Admin” module to update school years. So now I have TWO current years and can’t delete one. Pls help.

There are two options here:

  1. Use the Manage School Years interface to edit entry 4 to make it Upcoming
  2. Log into the database using phpMyAdmin and delete entry 4 in gibbonSchoolYear
Data Admin's import tools have, as of v18, been included in the Gibbon core, under Admin > School Admin > import From File. Data Admin still does other useful things, however!


You should be able to fix this with using sql, e.g.
UPDATE gibbonSchoolYear SET status=‘Upcoming’ WHERE name=‘2023-2024’

Otherwise login into your db using phpMyAdmin, switch to table ‘gibbonSchoolYear’ and change the ‘status’ of year ‘2023-2024’ back to ‘Upcoming’.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

You almost beat me to it Roman ; )