Tutor for more than one Form Group

I can see you allow a teacher to be made tutor of more than one form group (in the same year group). What does this mean for the timetable for example? After syncing course enrollment the teacher will/can show up in different classes that occur at the same time. They will overlap on the teacher’s timetable.

Hi Tieku, Form Groups aren’t necessarily directly timetabled, but they can be indirectly timetabled through courses. As you’ve mentioned, these can then be synced. However, when syncing, you do have the option to turn off certain teachers for certain classes. This would be an edge case that would be up to the person running the sync to handle. There is an option at the top to turn off the checkboxes for all teachers, which generally is useful because once you’ve setup teacher classes, since you don’t need to re-sync them.

You can also create timetable exceptions for any specific timetable days in which a teacher is part of a class, but not available for a particular timetabled period.