Turning on Admissions Form

I am currently using Student Application form from Home > User Admin > Application Form Settings
The above is publicly visible.
I have turned on the New Admissions page from Home > School Admin > Admissions Settings but its not reflecting publicly. I can still see the old form.
I believe I should be able to see the “Sample Application Form” available here: Home > System Admin > Form Builder
What am I missing?

Thank you.

Hi mohitpatel,

It sounds like you’ve activated things correctly. Is the Sample Application Form also set to active and public in Form Builder? If so, and it’s still not showing up, can you share a screenshot of your Admissions Settings and what you’re seeing when you click the student application button on the welcome page.


Thank you for looking into this Sandra.

Here are some screenshots:
This is where the “old” student application form resides.

This is what I see in the welcome page. As you can see, the welcome page is loading the old form.

This is the form builder screenshot:

The welcome page is not pointing to the new form built in the form builder.

Screenshot of admission setting page:

Thanks for the screenshots. That is odd, I wonder if the welcome page is being cached. Can you try the following: go to System Admin > Cache Manager and select Template Cache and clear it, then check the welcome page, which should hopefully show the new form.

Thanks Sandra, this is resolved. There was an issue with theme updating.