trip Planner

I notice there is a moduled called Trip Planner and we have had a request about field trip being setup in Gibbon.
I think they are looking at have parent concents done through Gibbon

Can someone tell me about this module or another way of doing it in Gibbon?

Thanks Brian

Hi Brian, this module allows for teachers to create trip proposals, with student and staff lists, dates, times, risk assessments, draft letter to parents. It can turn trip lists into a Messenger Groups, which can then be used, with Messenger’s Read Receipts functionality to obtain staff consent. This is how we use it at ICHK Secondary. Hope this helps! Ross.

What admin want is
If possible for the next steps for Gibbon-can we please have the ability for teachers to write all the field trip information directly in Gibbon and then the parents receive an email where they are directed to fill out emergency contact info and give consent through their account on Gibbon. If they are signing their kids up for clubs then it would be similar to that-but with a form. The form must include potential risks and an area for requests for volunteers as well.

Is anything like this in development?

Hi Brian,

This doesn’t necessarily exist in the exact form you’re looking for, however there are some workflows that may help. The first is to use the Data Updater to ensure that student emergency contact details and medical information is up to date in Gibbon. Doing this early in the school year can help gather up to date info.

The next option is to use the Read Reciepts in the Messenger module. These can be used quite effectively, because you can track which parents have clicked the link to confirm, which is a decent way to gather digital consent. In the message sent out, teachers could include any other information necessary for the field trip. The send report can be used to see which parents have confirmed as well as re-send the message to those who have not confirmed.

Hope this helps!

Amanda would like me to set it and try it.
I tried enablimng the module in the sandbox but got an error
can you guide me through any steps to enable the module in our Gibbon so we can try it? do you have examples from your school or is it fairly styraight forward to work through?