Track of sponsors of students

Hi all,

I am trying to set up Gibbon in a school in Lucknow (India) for girls from poor background families. The administration of the school needs to track the sponsoring of the students for ease and secure the accounting of the organization.

All students must pay themselves or their families a very low fee but the big cost of their education comes from such sponsors and different founding organizations and philanthropists, even anonymous sometimes (but we must always track the person). I kindly ask for advise on how to set up this fees and payer, that is different from a family member directly associated to the student.

Taking a look at the database I see that the payers are set in different records for each invoice, in the table gibbonFinanceInvoicee, without any index for them.

Any thoughts?
Regards and thank you for the amazing work!! =D

Hi Felipe, welcome to the Gibbon community! :smiley:

In the Finance module, under Manage Invoicees you can select either the Family or a Company to receive the invoices. With the Company option, you can enter the name and contact details for the person or organization paying for the fees, and optionally select which fee categories are covered. This sounds like it may work well in your case. With this option, any time an invoice is issued it will be sent to the organization rather than the student’s family.

Hope this helps! Sounds like a wonderful school to be a part of.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Yep the solution must be around there… it occurs to me a table with companies to avoid duplicates. What do you think?

Hi Felipe, such a company listing would be available from the database table gibbonFinanceInvoicee, and you could use SELECT DISTINCT to avoid duplicates. Hope this helps! Ross.