Hello everyone,

I am trying to set up a timetable. I have an existing timetable that works. Now I need to change one of the scheduled classes for the next two weeks.

I set the old timetable to inactive. I created a new timetable, added the columns and classes, then tied the new timetable to the right dates. I removed the old timetable from the same dates so there should be no conflict.

My timetable view now shows up blank. How can I tell what I have done wrong?

And yes I need this for school tomorrow, so any quick answers would be very much appreciated.

I think the problem is that the old timetable was made inactive. The system thinks that Sunday belongs to the previous week therefore everything shows blank.

How do we change classes without blanking out previous days, without having to deactivate timetables?

Yay! I figured it out (I think), and just in the nick of time—the new classes begin today.

I created new days and tied them to the dates I needed, still keeping within the same timetable.

So my setup is now, 1 timetable per year, separate days for each 2 week period.

It seems to be working.

I’m just finishing up for the day, and we going to pop in to offer some ideas, but you beat me to it. Glad to hear you solved it, and sorry we weren’t able to help! Ross.

That is quite alright! You have helped more than enough by writing the software!