Timetable's icon button

hello Gibbon group,i like the timetable very much. when we setup all the things
is looks very organize.is possable let the column’s type get more function?

if we can add like “meeting” type, can let the teacher or student booking the meeting room or upload some thing.
maybe it works?now only “Lesson” type can setup. other’s type just show the name.

Hi Kevin, thanks for your positive feedback :smiley:

There is a Booking system in Gibbon already, which allows people to book rooms for different purposes, and these will show up in orange on the timetable for the people who booked them.

If you’re using the Google or Microsoft Single Sign On options, the timetable can sync with school and personal calendars, letting you add recurring events as needed.

One final option which will be available in v25, releasing Jan 20, 2023, is that activities now show up on the timetable. If you have recurring weekly meetings, you could in theory add these as activities, and they would show up in the respective time-slots.

wow, thank you Sandra.i get it

Another option, if you do not have Google or Microsoft integrations active, is to create a class for these and add the teachers, then timetable the meetings as you would a regular class.