Timetables for a language institute

So here’s my scenario: We have 3 main levels: A, B, C. Each of those has sublevels, for instance A1-1, A1-2, A2, B3, C3. Some of this have two different timetables (If I didn’t get the concept wrong). I know this may sound a bit vague or wide, but I bet you guys with more experience than me or, the admins will understand my questions.

And here’s what we are planning to do: we define one timetable for each course and time. So for instance, let’s say that for A1-1 I have two different… how do you call it? hours?: Tue and Thu 16:30; Mon and Wed 21:00. I shoud ten create a timetable or A1-1 on Mon and Wed, and one more for A1-1 Tue and Thu. Is that right?

javiers, I am not sure that creating ten different timetables is the best plan: a single timetable can handle many different sessions and classes. I would look to create one timetable, give it the structure (using timetable columns) that you want for the day (e.g. how the day should be divided up into time slots), and then place the classes into them.

I would define A, B, C as “courses” and then within each course add classes within those courses, like 1-1 (to give A1-1) or 1-2 (to give A1-2). These can then be placed into the various slots in the timetable.

All of this can be done in Admin > Timetable Admin.

Hope this helps.

Great! That really makes sense!


Ross if we also have a1-1 for kids, and a1-1 for adults, how would you handle that?

If you have the same class for different audiences, I would just add something distinct to the name: A1-1Jr or A1Jr-1 vs A1-1Sr or A1Sr-1 vs (junior/senior)