I cannot get the time table to display anything… Rooms are booked courses classes year days tied time table time slots… you name it I’ve done it. but still nothing

how do I get the time table to show the correct info for the cause?

Admin> Timetable Admin> Timetable> Tie Days To Dates?

The rooms are optional. You don’t need to worry about those.

Even missing participants should get you the day/week structure.

yep done that still not showing

I know I must be missing something really simple but I can’t find it

I have the grid but nothing in the grid

Tied days to dates

Set sessions up with locations and student groups

What have I missed?

Martin, I’ve just logged into your system, and it looks good to me. I’ve viewed a student timetable, a teacher timetable and your timetable. They all have classes on Monday. For example:

Looking at Tuesday in Manage Timetable, I can see that there are no classes placed in any of the periods:

So, it looks to me like everything is working fine, but your data has not yet been added fully into the timetable.

Just to be clear, when you view the timetable, you are doing so for a specific user. To view the entire timetable, using Master Timetable in Learn > Timetable. This is a list view, not a visual view, as most school timetables are too large and complex to render meaningfully in a web page.

Let us know if this helps.


Yes, I get that only a specific person is shown on the grid, but I have populated for a whole day for 3 tutors/ form groups and only 2 periods are showing populated for one of them when they are actually teaching all-day. Surely I should see all the periods they are teaching for that day not just the 2

Sorry thought might as well add theses 2 images

And the master


Arrr what a silly billy I am … I have just realised… when I populated the groups I did not add a teacher… DOW… sorry guys. I will get back to you and let you know


Sounds like progress to me!

Yes, Ross it most certainly is.

I’m now ready to progress with the project

I will contact you shortly with the development of it.

I may need help with other modules as I bring them online