Dear Admin
Kindly i have finished the 1- Manage Courses & Classes 2- Course Enrollment 3- Manage Columns 4- Manage Timetables
But when i try to Tie Days To Dates i get this Message (Your request failed because your inputs were invalid.)
i need help on this part please as ASP please.

Hi Karim,

Can you please share some steps you took right before seeing the error, and any screenshots if possible. Were you using the multi-add at the bottom of Tie Days To Dates or assigning them individually?


Thank you Ms,sandra for your replay i Know now how and what is missing on my data…
i gave other question now :slight_smile: how i can delete student from the year group please ?

KarimEGIS, glad to hear you got your issue solved : ) For your deletion questions, please can you post this in a separate thread, and we will answer it there. This helps to keep the forum organised and searchable. Cheers : ) Ross.