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Hi, since downloading Version 15 the timetable view of a person has been extended, this means the full day is shown not just the certain times the school is open. If there is any way that i could set it to only show the schools opening.

Hello, that is an interesting issue! Please can you share a screenshot of an example timetable so that we can look into the problem? Thanks, Ross.

I have attached a copy of a random time scale, one that i was playing around with, if you look even though the school times are starting later it still shows the whole of the day.

Hi gpsal,

I’m wondering if this might be timezone or system-clock related, it looks like the entire day has been shifted down seven hours. I suspect your school day Lunch isn’t meant to be at 5-6pm :smiley:

Perhaps checking into a few of the time & calendar related settings may help:

  • Can you post a screenshot of your Days of the Week settings, found in School Admin > Manage Days of the Week
  • Can you check & post a screenshot of the column used for this timetable, found in Timetable Admin > Manage Columns > Edit Column
  • What is the timezone set in System Admin > System Settings?
  • If none of these shed light on the issue, perhaps check the system time of the server running Gibbon (if you're able to). Often this can be found out by running the date` command on the server.

Interestingly, the timetable is one of the few areas we didn’t refactor in v15, but that’s not to say something hasn’t changed.


hi sandra
i want to modify timtable view ( for arabic specific things )
which file ? … css or twig file and his enplacement ?

hi sandra i want to modify timtable view ( for arabic specific things ) which file ? ... php or twig file and his enplacement ?

Hi @nejah,

I seems to me that you are asking a new question. It would be better to open a new discussion, I think. :wink:

Kind regards,

the file is module/timetable/modulefunctions.php