Timetable, Tie Days to Dates, Columns discussion

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[Background info]
There are 2 classes, A & B, both last for a month, from Mon-Fri, at same time slot ie 8-9am, for same group of students and teacher. These 2 classes happen in a sequential order, in other words, class A must finish before class B starts, ie class A in Sept and Class B in Oct.

Without making extra settings, class A will appear from beginning till the end of the school term, so is class B, therefore they appear overlapped in the teacher and student’s timetable.

A possible solution is to create different Columns then Timetable Day for class A and B, so only tie class A’s day to Sept, and tie class B’s day to Oct etc. A further set of Days running through the whole school year for other classes.

Should you have more than 2 short term classes in the same school term, you may face a problem because the Tie Days to Dates seems only allow MAX 2 Timetable days per Date

Creating them as different Timetable is not the best option because you cannot see all the classes in one timetable, you have to switch between them.

I am not sure if I understand how Timetables, columns, days work on Gibbon correctly nor if any better solution already exists. Welcome any idea, suggestion, correction, discussion.


Hi Gary,

Tie Days to Dates should allow more than two timetable days per date. Our school has three timetables, along with a rolling Day A/Day B cycle, and it is working as expected. Perhaps you can shed more light on this, and how to reproduce it, on the off chance there is a bug.

Otherwise, separate timetable days within the same timetable, one per month, sounds like a viable solution.

Hi Sandra

First of all, we do have 2 timetables, one for Elementary and one for High School (as shown) which is fine even if a teacher has to switch between these 2 timetables to see all the classes her/she has

So that under Tie Days to Dates, we tie both Elementary and High School’s Mon to the Monday column, and do the same for other weekdays

In the High School’s timetable, we created an extra Monday, hoping to tie it just for a month or two.

Next step is to tie this extra Monday to the timetable, by clicking on the “Pencil” edit icon, followed by the “Add” button

However the dropdown box shows no option

If I go back to previous step, remove one of the day that already tie to this date, then there are days available in the drop-down box. One thing also worth to mention is, if I remove the Elementary Mon, then the drop-down box shows only Elementary days for me to pick. If I remove the High School Mon, then drop-down box only show High School days. In other words, only one day allowed from each timetable. Since in my previous screenshot, we already have 1 day from each timetable, thus no more day can be added.

Hi Gary, this is by design, as each day can have separate timing (i.e. column structure), so the system would not know how to render classes from two different days at the same time. One way around this is to define a third day, that contains the same classes as the other two days, and use that. Cheers, Ross.

Hi Ross

Not sure if I understand correctly but will try it out later, thanks


I have the same issue.
What we want to do is to create the extra Monday days named “MON-TEMP” and tie them to all Monday dates of a month (September for example) using the multi-add feature.
However, as “MON-HS” days already exist on those dates, “the system would not know how to render classes from two deferent days at the same time”.

One solution would be to delete all the days named “MON-HS” and remplace them by the “MON-TEMP” days : this would require a “multi-delete” feature that would work the same way as “multi-add”.
Another solution would be to remplace directly those days structures using a “multi-remplace” feature…

Is there any way in the system that allows us to operate a “multi-delete” or “multi-remplace” for a day structure that is already tied to several dates of the calendar ?

Regards, Matt.

Hi Matt, I am afraid not. At the moment the best you can do is edit each of the days in question and delete MON-HS, so you can then use multi-add on the freed up days. Sorry that there is not a more convenient approach. If you want to work on the code, or know a programmer who can help you, we’d love to accept such a feature addition! This is one way in which open source projects improve : ) We do also offer, through gibbonedu.com to do custom development, so we’d be happy to offer a price for this change. Cheers! Ross.