Timetable reuse

I use a timetable that is always the same for every day. And also for every year. How could I export and import that timetable everytime a new year starts?


Hi Marcelo,

Good question. The tricky part of this is that, even if the timetable is the same, the database IDs for the classes and timetable days will be different. The best bet here would be to use the System Admin > Import from File tool, using the Timetable - Complete option, which lets you import a complete timetable. This import uses names and short names to identify different fields, rather than the database ID, which enables it to be flexible and re-used each year. It would take a little bit of setup to create your spreadsheet for the first time you use it, but after that you’d be able to continue re-using it, and make any changes each year if needed.

Hope this helps!