Timetable not displaying

Good day! My timetable is not displaying, it is just blank except for the days that have no classes.

A.) Is it related to my Roll Groups? Because when I edit any Roll Group the “Next Roll Group” is blank and no available choices show up in the dropdown box.

B.) Or is it caused by my adding entries to the Roll Groups after I have added timetable?

This is the sequence I followed for Gibbon v21.0.01 under Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS:
1.) Setup the starting and ending hours of the school under Admin > School Admin > Days of the Week

2.) Imported “School Admin” > School Years

3.) Manually added the terms under Admin > School Admin > Manage Terms. The date range of the term is the same as the date range of its school year

4.) Imported “School Admin” > Special Days

5.) Imported “School Admin” > Year Groups. I left “Head of Year” empty because I don’t understand it yet. Could this be the cause of the issue?

6.) Imported “School Admin” > Facilities

7.) Imported “School Admin” > Departments

8.) Manually added grade scale

9.) Imported “School Admin” > Grade Scale

10.) Manually added leave types under Admin > User Admin > Staff Settings > Staff Absence Types

11.) Imported “User Admin” > User - Data - Full

12.) Imported “School Admin” > Departments - Staff

13.) Imported “User Admin” > Custom Fields

14.) Edited [Gibbonpath]/resources/imports/usersCustomData.yml and added the custom fields information

15.) Imported “User Admin” > Custom Fields - Data

16.) Imported “Timetable Admin” > Courses

17.) Imported “Timetable Admin” > Classes

18.) Imported “Timetable Admin” > Course Enrolment by Class

19.) Manually add timetable column

20.) Imported “Timetable Admin” > Timetable - Column Rows

21.) Manually add an entry under Timetable Admin > Manage Timetables

22.) Imported “Timetable Admin” > Timetable Days

23.) Imported “Timetable Admin” > Classes in Period

24.) Imported “School Admin” > Roll Groups

25.) Imported Students > Student Enrolment

You don’t mention anything reg. “Tie days to dates”. Done that? :wink:

Hi meierrom, yes I did. Forgot to write it down :slight_smile: I think it should be between 24 and 25. I forgot to mention I did not create a parent account because our students are all adults. Could that be the cause of the issue?

Hi richardg. Is it just your timetable that’s not displaying, or all timetables? Unless you’re either a teacher or a student enrolled in a class, seeing a blank timetable as the administrator would be expected. You can check the timetables of other users in Timetable > View Timetable by Person. This may give you a better picture of whether it’s an issue for all users or just that you’re seeing a blank timetable for yourself.

It is showing the timetables now. I started the import from the beginning and it’s ok now. Maybe I missed a step on my list, that was why the student log in did not show the student’s timetable last week. Thanks sandra for the response.