Timetable import order

What should the timetable import order be for:

Classes in Period
Timetable - Column Rows
Timetable - Complete
Timetable Days


The order appears to be:

Course Enrolment by Class

Timetable - Column Rows
Timetable Days
Classes in Period OR Timetable - Complete

Does this look ritgh?

Hi Tieku,

That looks about right if you are just using Import From File. You’d then need to manually do Tie Days to Dates.

However, Manage Timetables still has a legacy importer which does a bunch of stuff in one go. If using that, you can go:

  • Timetable - Columns & Rows
  • Timetable Days
  • Legacy Timetable Importer
  • Course Enrolment by Class (students only)

This will create any courses and classes that don’t exist, and do teacher enrolment. You’ll then still need to manually do Tie Days to Dates.

Seems to save a couple of steps.



Looks good! Timetable - Complete should be a pretty close replica of the legacy importer and handles multiple table imports. The only thing from memory it doesn’t do that the legacy one does is clear the timetable before import.

And where can I find this legacy importer? Home > Timetable Admin > Manage Timetables?


Here are the actual I’ve taken to create my timetables

Home > Timetable Admin > Manage Columns > Add Column
Home > System Admin > Import From File > Timetable - Column Rows > Step 1…
Home > Timetable Admin > Manage Timetables > Add Timetable
Home > System Admin > Import From File > Timetable Days > Step 1…
Home > Timetable Admin > Tie Days to Dates
Home > System Admin > Import From File > Classes in Period > Step 1…

Hi Tieku,

Thanks for sharing your final steps! The importer I mentioned can be found here:

@ross the legacy importer deals with exceptions, which I am not sure the new one does. But perhaps I’ve got that wrong…


Aha, right, yep the new one doesn’t quite do that. Looks like we’re not ready to retire the old one just yet.